We'd Watch a Whole Show About Galavant's Bawdy Princess Jubilee

Last night’s Galavant two-episode block—“Giants vs. Dwarves” and “About Last Knight”—saw the characters fumbling a lot but accomplishing little (and singing, of course). One huge problem was settled, however, by a certain Princess Jubilee, who helps Princess Isabella escape her Bridezilla spell.

Jubilee is played by British theater and TV star Sheridan Smith, and she gets a big rock ‘n’ roll number about being a “different kind of princess.”


She don’t like glitter and she don’t like pink.

BUT she does like to start fights, live fast, make big messes, swap spit with boys and girls—and is capable of unleashing a booze-fueled belch so powerful it knocks Princess Isabella’s mind-control crown right off her head.

Fun and saucy and propelling the plot forward (seriously, that crown thing was getting SO TIRED), Princess Jubilee killed it. A PJ spin-off is probably too much to ask for, but don’t you kinda hope she comes back again before the season ends?


Photos courtesy of ABC


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