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War is Hell and we're the Devil, on Revolution

This was a genuinely great moment in last night's Revolution — Miles Matheson face to face with a guy he trained, trying to reason with him. And then sentencing him to death by firing squad, without looking back. If war really is Hell, we're the demons who make it that way. Spoilers ahead...


This was a reasonably sturdy episode of Revolution — the show sets up that Miles is going completely off the rails, in his pursuit of total, no-holds-barred war against Sebastian Monroe. And then it gives Miles an unexpected foil: the even more ruthless, nothing-to-lose Tom Neville. Would it have been better if Neville was more nuanced and less eeeeevil? Maybe. But let's take a look at some GIFs from the episode and make our minds up, below.

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Charlie Jane Anders

We'd forgotten how ruthless Rachel Matheson could really be, when the chips are down. She and Google are stealing some food, but get caught — so she shoots the righteous father who's preparing to execute them for theft, because that's Plains Nation Justice. Also love the way she twists the knife and tells Google to abandon her the way he abandoned his wife.

And big points for the realism of having Rachel get horribly injured while they're on the run, and it not being an easy-to-solve sort of business. Her leg is jacked up and she wants Google to make a break for it on his own, to the Tower. Because it turns out that Google got that magic pendant for a reason — the book of super-physics is a "spellbook," and it mentions Google prominently, because of some software he wrote when he was a grad student at MIT. Could he actually be the key to turning the power back on?

And how do we feel about this show wearing its fantasy trappings on its sleeve by calling the physics book a "spell book"? I'm okay with it — plus you know Rachel is just trying to make things really simple for Google, who has a problem with big ideas.