Webcomic Nimona Is Getting An Animated Adaptation! Yes, Yes, Yes!

Illustration for article titled Webcomic iNimona/i Is Getting An Animated Adaptation! Yes, Yes, Yes!

Noelle Stevenson’s Nimona is one of our all-time favorite webcomics, a genre-bending tale of a not-so-evil supervillain whose life is radically altered when a pushy, shapeshifting lady forces him to take her on as his sidekick. And now there’s going to be an animated version, from the director of Disney’s adorable short Feast.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision site is reporting that Fox Animation has picked up the rights to Nimona, and there’s an animated project in the works, with a script by Marc Haimes and Feast director Patrick Osborne at the helm. Nimona was originally published online, and is now available as a book from HarperCollins. (It’s no longer online in its entirety, but you can still read the first few chapters online.)

It will be great fun to watch Stevenson’s medieval/science fiction mashup world come to life, but the moment we’re most looking forward to is hearing the title character’s voice actress proclaim, “I’m a shark!”


Fox Animation Nabs ‘Nimona’ Adaptation With ‘Feast’ Director [Heat Vision]

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Yey the gods are good! Can we also fit the gay dads AU in there some how?