Webcomic Explains How Pythons Invaded Florida—And Why They're A Problem

Burmese pythons are native to Southeast Asia, but in the last 40 years, they've invaded the Florida Everglades, where their population has exploded. This short comic explains how Burmese pythons got there in the first place — and how it's wreaking havoc on the ecosystem.

Cartoonist journalist Andy Warner's latest piece at Medium's The Nib is "The Snake That Ate Florida," a brief and alarming history of the Burmese python, and how an exotic pet fad led to a radical decline in the mammal population in the Everglades. Warner talks to researchers who study the snakes in the Everglades about how ecologists have tried to stem the python's population growth and where the snakes could end up next.


Be sure to check out more of Warner's non-fiction comics at The Nib.

The Snake That Ate Florida [The Nib]

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