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Web Version of Heroes Will Begin Crossing Over into TV

Illustration for article titled Web Version of Heroes Will Begin Crossing Over into TV

Viral online marketing is so pre-Cloverfield, you may be thinking to yourself, but don't tell that to Joe Tolerico. He's the guy in charge of all the online shenanigans supporting NBC's Heroes, which now goes by the name of Heroes: Evolution. Over at the Heroes Wiki, Tolerico explains what won't be spinning out of the show that made it okay to steal ideas from twenty-year-old comic books.

We have all sorts of ideas we are exploring. And there's plenty of joking around about what Heroes should NOT become. Our head of digital entertainment teases Tim Kring about "Heroes on Ice" (with all due respect to figure skaters).


With the show off air for the foreseeable future, Heroes: Evolutions offers the only chance for fans to interact with their favorite characters... and for those characters to interact back. Says Tolerico:

Masi Oka writes and creates all of the Hiro blog entries himself. I put together the Drucker postcard code and our lead designer (Markus Hagen) created the artwork and flash file. The games and riddles for Heroes Evolutions are developed by our in-house team and the Heroes Transmedia team working together with the show writers to help guide us and keep us within the show's mythology... We miss our show writers and hope the strike is settled soon. We are working to develop pieces that are interesting to the fans, but with no new episodes these are different stories. Fortunately the tapestry of Heroes provides us with many different places to "play."


When the show returns to NBC, Tolerico promises more interaction between the show and Evolutions, including more plots crossing over between platforms. If this means more than Hana Gitelman appearing in a couple of scenes of season 1 before disappearing into the online comic book, then I'm potentially in...

Joe Tolerico [Heroes]

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@92BuickLeSabre: I even had an add for Heroes show up on my Etch-a-Sketch on Sunday. That's just going too far. Too far.