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Web Celeb Ze Frank Shines in Apocalypse Comedy "The Remnants"

John August is the scribe behind edgy-sweet flicks like Corpse Bride and Charlie's Angels. Now he's released a web pilot for a post-apocalyptic comedy called The Remnants. Hollywood, please make this now!

Starring old school scifi actor Ernie Hudson, and new school Web celeb Ze Frank, the 10-minute pilot introduces us to a group of geeky, media-obsessed survivors in a world ravaged by some sort of alien-nano-disease thing that nobody understands. All they know is that "there are more Wiis than people" left on the planet, and the only way to eat is to raid dead people's houses for Lunchables and Pringles.


I love the gleeful nihilism of August's writing here, and Ze Frank does a great feral hipster act. August created and filmed this episode during last year's writers strike, and says he might do something more with it but for now he's busy with other projects. Somebody really needs to make this web series. It could be another Dr. Horrible - funny, weird, dark. Perfect for watching on your smartphone on the train to work. I would definitely buy episodes of this show for a couple bucks a pop.

The Remnants, via John August, via Edward Champion

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papercup mixmaster

Wow - that was pretty much made of awesome. I really want to see them take these ideas and keep going. There's something it very strongly reminded me of: a d20 Apocalypse campaign. I mean - nebulous bad thing happens and mostly people are gone, so you get by looting houses, etc. OK, that's standard post-apoc fair, but the epic fail to jump fences, awkward dialogue, one guy no good at tying the other guy kind of creepily good...that's what I'm talking about. Mad Max and Waterworld are all full up of people (more or less) deftly maneuvering and trying to be epic in their speeches. These guys are just making do, failing reflex saves and diplomacy checks and eating from cans. Makes me wanna dust off some books...