If you suffer frequent migraines, you probably already know that tinted lenses are your friend - but now we have scientific proof. Precision tinted lenses have been known for years to provide relief for migraine sufferers and people hit with certain reading difficulties, and now we have the fMRI scans to prove it.

For some people, viewing striped patterns like this one can be enough to trigger a migraine, and for others it can even trigger a seizure due to the illusions of shifting color and motion. When you go in for precision tinted lenses, doctors test your eyes to find the perfect hue and saturation that can counteract this effect, reducing the eye-melting optical illusion to something you can handle, and hopefully reducing your chances of getting an excruciating headache too. It's also thought that some people's dyslexia is caused by a similar problem, so tinted lenses can help them too.


New research has finally put these theories to the test, providing solid evidence that this improvement exists in the real world. The study compared the fMRI scans of migraine sufferers both with and without the colored lenses. When they had the spectacles on, there was reduced cortical activation in the visual area of the occipital cortex of the brain, which is associated with the onset of migraine.

If you have trouble reading because of visual distortion or get horrible migraines from looking at certain patterns, it might be time to swing by your optometrist and get some sweet looking sunglasses.