The Skirts and Swords gang are back with a wonderful cosplay collaboration! Inspired by the Gotham Bunnies work of Milkydayy (Oskar Vega), here are the Arkham Bunnies, photographed by Greg de Stefano! And they look amazing!

First up we are OBSESSED with Michelle Nguyen's Mrs. Freeze.

Next up, YumeNinja as Bunny Joker.

Jennifer Newman is The Scarecrow (who used burlap to make her costume).

Chrissa Sparkles is Two-Face.

Sarah "Jynx" is Harley Quinn.

Selina as The Penguin.

Ruby Rocket as The Riddler.

Mandie as Poison Ivy.

Chloe Dykstra is Catwoman.

And photographer Greg de Stefano as Batman.