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Buckle in for spoilers! Find out what we won't see in Breaking Dawn's birth scene. See gorgeous Tron/Red posters. Marvel at crazy Superman rumors. Witness thrilling Fringe/Transformers set pics. Plus Green Hornet, Scott Pilgrim, Mission Impossible, Supernatural, Chuck and Smallville!


Tron Legacy:

Here's another new poster! [IGN]

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn:

So you remember all that stuff about how the all-important birth scene would happen off screen and we would just sort of hear about it? Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg debunks those reports:

That was a misquote. The childbirth - all the scenes, I feel - should be on screen. I think perhaps what I was referring to was, would we actually see Edward's teeth through the placenta? I don't think so. I don't think we need to see that, and if someone needs to see that, I think they should take a look at that. [Laughs.] I believe it will be implied, but I don't think we'll see teeth in the placenta.


[Pop Sugar]

Superman Returns Again:

The latest rumor about the Man Of Steel? Apparently, Chris Nolan's brother Jonathan — who's never directed in his life — is going to direct this make-or-break film. And Chuck's Zachary Levi will be the new Clark Kent, getting his revenge on Brandon Routh at last for all the trouble Routh caused him last season. The usual drill with rumors — major grain of salt — applies. Plus neither of these reports sounds even remotely plausible to me, even though Levi is great. [GeekTyrant via Cinematical]


There's a pretty nifty interview with Leonardo DiCaprio and the other stars of this interview over at the Guardian, in which they talk a bit more about the movie's ideas, and there are snippets. Including an explanation of how our heroes wake themselves from a dream. [Guardian]


Also, there's another review of this film, one which goes into more detail about the plot than other reviews I've seen so far. In particular, a major twist of the second act is revealed, which I haven't seen given away anywhere else. [Hollywood and Fine]


So we can stop referring to the Wachowskis' untitled Iraq war film — it now has a title: CN9. And the Wachowskis are already in the casting process. No clue what the title means, although speculation is it might refer to the ninth cranial nerve, which is related to the tongue and pharynx. [Production Weekly via Worst Previews]


Transformers 3:

Also, the Milwaukee Art Museum was transformed (ha) into Hotchkiss Gould Investments, and apparently that's where Rosie Huntington-Whitley's character works. And Patrick Dempsey plays her boss there. Also, now that Bumblebee is off fighting evil, Sam Witwicky is driving a broken-down old 1972 Datsun. Video by Juise99. More videos are here and here. [TFLAMB]

A reader sent us this link to his photos, which include mayhem on the streets of Chicago, people running in costume, Optimus and Bumblebee, and most impressive of all — a synchronized skydiving stunt that looks insanely cool — the skydiving pics are probably the coolest thing that will ever come out of this project. More pics at the link. Images by PixelRally. More photos on Flickr here, here, here and here. [PixelRally]


Here are some more set photos of the Chicago filming. [SpoilerTV-Movies]

Green Hornet:

IGN visited the set of this movie, and witnessed the devastation of the Daily Sentinel's offices after a rocket launcher attack by a gang of thugs. The Green Hornet drives his car, the Black Beauty, into the service elevator during the battle with gang lord Chudnofsky — who apparently is a villain going through a mid-life crisis. Also, they witnessed an argument between Britt and Kato at Britt's home. Also, star Seth Rogen says the film is set in the present day, so it'll be "relatable to our experience."


Michel Gondry explains how he developed a new way of shooting Kato's action sequences.

[I] was trying to find a way to enhance the fight and use a technique that has not been used before. So basically we shoot at a higher rate. We shoot with one camera and then we separate and sometimes one guy is going faster and the other guy's going slower and then the guy who gets slower gets faster and etcetera. It's sort of like you buy a time from the future and then you have to reimburse it. So what it does is it really makes the transfer of energy when somebody hits somebody else so the guy who hits the next guy goes very fast and then the guy when he receives the hit he goes faster. It's like if I hit you - bam! First, you're slow and I'm fast and then when I hit you I become slow and you become fast so I can give you my energy. I can transfer like electricity in some ways. And all that with the camera moving, which makes it quite hard to shoot but it is pretty spectacular.


It makes perfect sense. [IGN]

The Sorcerer's Apprentice:

Another damning review of this magical outing from the Mouse House. Spoilers include the fact that Jay Baruchel's character is a sort of prophesied savior, the Prime Merlinian. And the supposed bad guy, Horvath, is a bit clownish and gets a stage magician sidekick, Drake. But they're just a smokescreen, and the real Big Bad is the Borg Queen herself, Alice Krige, playing Morgana Le Fay. (I totally didn't recognize Krige!) The story grinds to a halt whenever Baruchel goes off to court Teresa Palmer, with his stammering nerd routine from She's Out Of My League. [Washington Post]


Despicable Me 2:

Yes, they're already talking about the sequel. [Deadline]

Scott Pilgrim:

A new featurette gives some more glimpses at the film's action.

Mission Impossible IV:

Brad Bird is still on board to direct this film, but now Paramount is rethinking the project in light of Tom Cruise's apparent lack of box office magic. They may rework the script to be about a younger operative, whom Cruise's character just mentors, in order to reduce Cruise's prominence in the film. [Deadline]



A new poster focuses on Helen Mirren. [CinemaBlend]

The Hobbit:

Your daily update on chaos in the Shire. Peter Jackson is traveling around the world quietly meeting with actors who might be in this movie, and he's close to agreeing to direct it. But Warner Bros. still only controls half the production, and the other half rests with the troubled MGM. Even if Warners decides to fund the whole thing themselves, the "rudderless" MGM would need to sign off on this. [THR]



Here are a buttload of new set photos, including some that are definitely in the alt universe. (Note the different Martin Luther King, Jr. plaque.) Also, one set of photos (the blurry ones) seem to show Peter and Olivia kissing! Some photos that are unavailable for download also show Anna Torv on set with her natural blonde hair, meaning that maybe at least one of the Olivias stops dyeing it at one point? [SpoilerTV and SpoilerTV and SpoilerTV]


Also, the show was filming a big scene with a crater in the street and a giant sign saying "BE VORTEX AWARE." Kind of awesome. [SpoilerTV]


Matt Bomer, who played Bryce, says he's game for returning. Bryce has died three times already, so there's no reason he couldn't come back from the dead again. Still, he has no plans to return and he's tied up filming White Collar. [TV Squad]



There's a casting call for the first few episodes of the new season, but nobody's sure if it's real or not. So, you know... grain of salt and all that.

Episode 6x01:

[JOEY] Male, suggest 12 to 13 years. Smart, outgoing and brave. Please denote age next to your suggestions... Guest Star recurring role.

Episode 6x02, "Exile On Main Street":

[CHRISTIAN] 40s (suggest late 30s - 40s), capable, he's good at his job and is condescending...GUEST STAR, RECURRING ROLE (20)
[GWEN] 30s (suggest late 20s - 30s), warm, direct. She tries to lighten things up during a tense situation...GUEST STAR, RECURRING ROLE (20)
[MARK] The silent type. He may not speak much, but he is observant and approachable...Principal role, possible GUEST STAR (4) RECURRING ROLE
[SID] 40ish (suggest late 30s - 40s), a decent, likeable, average guy...GUEST STAR (4)
[HOT WAITRESS] Slightly edgy, hot waitress with a tattoo on one upper arm...7 lines, 3 scenes (8)
[MAGGIE] 12-13ish, straightforward, a bit outspoken, Maggie is with a bunch of kids at a makeshift campfire in the woods. She and Joey like each other. Please denote age next to your suggestions...1 speech & 1 line, 2 scenes (1)
[GIRL] This 12-13 year old girl sits with a bunch of friends around a makeshift campfire in the woods. Please denote age next to your suggestions...1 line, 1 scene (1)
[BETHANY] Sid's wife, suggest 30s. We see on the back deck having convulsions...non speaking Actor role, 2 scenes
[JOHNNY] He is on a stakeout when his viciously attacked...non speaking Actor role, 2 scenes

Episode 6x03, "Two And A Half Men":

[GRANNY] A friendly old granny, she sees Sam and Dean trying to deal with a wailing baby, and helps. But in fact, she's not what she appears to be...10 lines, 2 scenes (19)
[MANAGER] The night manager of a motel,...7 lines, 1 scene (28)
[EX-HUSBAND] A bartender, he's the emotional ex-husband of a woman who has recently been found murdered...2 speeches & 7 lines, 1 scene (25)
[BIG MALE SHOPPER] This big male shopper sees that Sam and Dean are trying to hurt an old Granny, and he springs to her defense...1 line, 1 scene (21)
[WOMAN] This terrified woman is the mother of a young baby that is the target of kidnappers...Actor role, teaser, 2 scenes (1)
[PIZZA GUY] This pizza guy drops off a delivery order...1 line, 1 scene (4)
[COP] Gives a quick rundown on the latest case...4 lines, 1 scene (6)
[COP / IMPOSTER] This cop relates info for a stolen car...1 speech, 1 scene (22)



True Blood:

A new set pic shows an actual black panther on set, and we'll see it on screen in August. So will Jason Stackhouse turn into a were-panther, like in the books? We don't know, but Ryan Kwanten says he's been doing some work with the panther. [TV Guide]


Brit Morgan says Debbie Pelt isn't done with Alcide, and Debbie's path will cross Sookie's, in a not-nice way, soon. And Dennis O'Hare says the Vampire King's story arc ends with him falling from grace, wearing a trench coat and flip flops, and looking much bloodier. [E! Online]

Also, O'Hare assures you that the disaparte plot strands this season will start to come together. "I never got to eat at Merlotte's, but I certainly visit the front porches of many people's houses." He adds, "Pam and Eric's relationship really blossoms this season, in part because of his interaction with people like me." [TV Guide]



Allison Mack will definitely be in the season opener, "Lazarus," and may be in the second episode as well, before she vanishes to go appear in an off-Broadway play. [Fancast]


But after Mack takes off, Laura Vandervoort wil be back for one episode as Clark's cousin Kara. That'll air sometime in October. [EW]

Warehouse 13:

Joanne Kelly says she has an upcoming episode involving a griffin, that's a body-switch episode, and it was a real challenge to play as an actor. She doesn't swap bodies with Pete, but "I am one of the bodies," she says. [NY Post]


The Gates:

Here's a sneak peek from Sunday's episode four, "The Monster Within." [SpoilerTV]


Some sneak peeks from Friday's new episode and the rest of the season.
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Here are some photos from episode four, "Ball And Chain." [SpoilerTV]

And here's a clip from Friday's episode, "Butterfly."
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