We Wear These Pointy Hats Because We're, Like, Scientists

Click to view The 1960s German flick Kiss Me Monster is the random tale of two strippers on tour in Latin America who are recruited by a secret society to track down the lost elixir of the mad Professor Bertrand. Apparently Bertrand was creating an army of supermen, and now a bunch of evil-but-sexy ladies and dudes with whips are looking for his work too. Why this secret society of scientists recruits strippers to fight the bad guys and find the Professor's work is about as clear as why they are all wearing pointy black hoods and funny robes. Though this movie is chock full of weirdness — there's everything from hippie freakout dances to stripping and women in various sorts of nudie-cutie bondage — this scene really sums it up for me. I think it's the idea of scientists hiring strippers while wearing those weird hats, or maybe the dubbing on the old man's voice. If you're looking for a movie that uses a mad scientist plot purely for the sake of tying together unrelated scenes of hot women in "danger," or if you like to see labs filled with bubbling bongs, then this movie is for you. And by "you," I mean everybody. [Kiss Me Monster via IMDB]

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Annalee Newitz

@Supernintendo: If you wear a pointy black hood, we'll hire some strippers to track down the bad guys who make you have scary dreams about Watchmen.