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We want your pictures of fake monsters!

Illustration for article titled We want your pictures of fake monsters!

Sick of all the crappy Bigfoot fakes? The blurry shots of Nessie? We know you can do better than that. Use your best image-doctoring skills, makeup wizardry, or just crafty DiY awesomeness, to create a photograph that looks like you've discovered a real monster.


Give us your best faked image of a cryptid, or mystery animal, for prizes and fame!


Throughout July we'll be running a special fake cryptid photo contest. Send us your doctored, fake, and just plain ridiculous photos of monsters and we'll publish the best ones on the site - plus three lucky winners whose pictures completely blow us away will get gift certificates for DVDs or books (your choice).

To celebrate Cryptid Summer, io9 also has a $2000 bounty out for anyone who can produce photographic evidence of a genuine cryptid. But we understand that not everybody has the time to go cryptid hunting. That's why we've created a special contest just for you fakers and photoshoppers. Because sometimes a fake monster is the best kind.

Send an email to, with the subject line FAKE CRYPTID. If you don't have that in the subject line, we will ignore your submission!


Attach your photo(s) or video to the email, and include the following information:

1. Your full name
2. What the picture is of
3. How you made it
4. A good way to contact you online so we can let you know if you've won


Again, without this information, we will ignore your submission. So please include it!

Deadline is July 31, at midnight Pacific Time.

Illustration by Rick Spears (get his book about cryptids here!).


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Ask for a fake monster, and ye shall receive.