We Want To See More Fairy Tales Like This One

Sure, retellings of familiar princess stories can be fun, but we'd like to see more original fairy tale stories like the one in this haunting short film—a surreal story about a lonely woodcarver whose job is to fish for moonlight.


Moonfishing is the work of David Michael Friend, and it is definitely worth a watch. The puppet work gives the film an unnerving realism, one that makes it easy to suspend our disbelief when the story's weirder elements appear and gives emotional weight to the plight of the fisherman who must capture the moon's illumination for his town, but doesn't share in the fellowship of his neighbors.

The short is also available on DVD.

Moonfishing [via Vimeo Staff Picks]


I was just saying today how much I love stop motion animation. This is beautiful, absolutly the most beautiful piece of art I have seen in ages.