We want to live in Freddie Prinze Jr.'s secret nerd lair on Psych

Illustration for article titled We want to live in Freddie Prinze Jr.s secret nerd lair on Psych

Not only did Last night's Psych name-check Decepticons, Comic Con, BSG and Star Trek, but the entire episode wrapped around an alleged alien invasion. But the best part was easily this closeted nerd's secret lair.


This season of Psych has been seriously pulling out all the stops in terms of awesome genre references. Especially last night's episode, in which a closeted nerd reveals his secret office to Shawn and Gus.

It almost — almost — topped last week's Alien fist pound. Which I've been doing so often I've been asked by my friends to stop.

If these clips are any indication of how things are headed this year on Psych, we're very excited.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

Maybe so, but I really hate dialogue like "class 3 dungeon master" and "custom set of 12 sided dice." There's so many nerds in Hollywood writers rooms these days, how hard is it to get stuff like that right? I mean, just drop a call to Wil Wheaton and he'll fix that crap in no time.