We Want This Guide to '80s Action Figure Carrying Cases So Bad

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Okay, not everyone is going to be excited about a visual guide to the action figure carrying cases of the ‘80s. But for those select few that still obsess about the golden age of toys, you’ll absolutely want to kick in a few bucks to this Kickstarter.


The book is by Philip Reed, proprietor of Battlegrip.com. Assuming the Kickstarter meets its (very reasonable) goal of $6,000, the book will be 160 pages about giant Darth Vader heads, vinyl boxes that vaguely looked like the Hall of Justice, and all the other ways kids used to tote their figures to their friend’s house down the street in the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. If nothing else, chipping in here will be much cheaper than trying to track these things down on eBay.

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I hope they include the various knock-off Star Wars figure cases that we old-timers had to make do with before Kenner gave us the legendary Darth Vader head. I had this particular case myself ...