We Want This Can Of Yeti Cave Air In Our Cabinet Of Curiosities

If the recent news that purported samples of "Yeti hair" were actually sourced from ordinary Himalayan brown bears is still bumming you out, here's a novelty item to cheer you up: canned air from Azasskaya Cave, ground zero for Abominable Snowman sightings in Siberia.


The region has, in the past, been known for using its cryptozoological legend to drum up publicity. According to the Siberian Times, the cans are sold for $3 and come complete with some rather dubious claims:

Vladimir Makuta, head of the local Tashtagol district, said the areas are 'famous for stunning mountain scenery and crystal-clear air'. The air is 'full of goodness and has a healing effect, helping to strengthen the immunity and positively impact of the mental state'.

Mmm-hmm. Still, we'd love to get our hands on this stuff because the WTF factor is frankly off the damn charts. Since we can't find anywhere online to get ahold of canned Yeti air (yet) ... anyone going to southern Siberia anytime soon?

[Via Oddity Central]


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