We Want The Cupid-On-Earth Sitcom To Be About A Boundary Issues Lunatic

ABC's new sitcom about an Earth-bound cupid played by Bobby Cannavale, along with the delightful Sara Paulson, has our brain in a twist. Is there any way this could be good?


ABC's first attempt at this series, in 1998, featured the yammering Jeremy Piven as Cupid. I'm surprised it didn't take off, because this was before the Piven hate caused by all the Mercury-poisoning antics.

The updated version stars Cannavale as Trevor Pierce, a man who believes himself to be Cupid. Our charming god has been banished from Mount Olympus, and can return only after he's put together 100 Earthly couples. But here's the hitch: the mates have to be "true love" couples. Whether he's bonkers or not is up for his shrink Dr. Claire McCrae (Paulson) to figure out.

Now, my love for Paulson knows no bounds, but we have to call into question her recent decision making skills, after she signed on to act in Frank Miller's The Spirit. Dr. McCrae is, of course, hardened against the idea of soul mates. But I'm willing to bet that together, Cupid and McCrae discover her softer side to the tune of a pop soundtrack and overwhelmingly unbelievable odds.

Here's hoping that Trevor is actually an escaped lunatic with a bunch of Feds hot on his trail, for a Cupid-themed murder spree in California because this whole thing sounds so much like K-Pax, it's frightening.


Still, as I said before, I adore Paulson and her other castmate Rick Gomez. The show fits nicely into the Samantha Who category ABC has been building up on the network, and I want to like it. Plus the creator Rob Thomas certainly didn't let me down with Veronica Mars. Still, images like this do not help the cause...


Cupid premieres tonight on ABC at 10 PM.


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