We twiddled the knobs until it worked: What grad student science papers really mean

Grad students in every field develop a linguistic armor against uncomfortable scrutiny. Fortunately, where lab-bound research monkeys are concerned, PhD Comics' Jorge Cham is here to translate, explaining when grad students left work to grab a couple beers and when they just don't want you protesting their lab.

Cham's comic chronicles the trials and tribulations of grad students — their neglectful professors, their procrastination habits, their frustration with how the media portrays their research. Here he pokes a little fun at the methodology sections of research papers, breaking them down for our convenience.


Methodology Section Translator [PhD Comics]

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Cursing at the Astronette

Pffffff. Back in my day we couldn't buy anything and we had to make all our equipment ourselves from fairy liquid bottles and sticky back plastic. And we NEVER left the lab for a few beers - we always had it brought in. And we never made stuff up, we just made stuff. And we liked it!