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We Spread the Gospel of Disney Channel's Halloweentown to a First-Time Viewer

Whenever people are asked about the greatest Disney Halloween movie, the answer is usually Hocus Pocus. However...there is another. That’s right, the beloved Disney Channel original movie Halloweentown. Won’t you join us?


In a special Halloween episode of UnScene, I introduce senior video producer Danielle Steinberg to Halloweentown, a family-friendly flick about a young woman who—after discovering she’s a witch—journeys to the alternate reality of Halloweentown and ends up saving the day from an evil warlock. Witness the glory of Debbie Reynolds’ scarves, awkward sexual tension, and a genuinely surprising plot twist. Do we come out of Halloweentown feeling a bit more magical? Well, more magical than Marnie, at least.

Be sure to leave a comment with your favorite Halloweentown moment or movie in the series (yes, there are four of these bad boys). And on this All Hallow’s Eve, may we all strive to one day be as powerful as Sophie. Blessed be.

Video Editor and Staff Writer at io9. My doppelganger is that rebelling greeting card from Futurama.

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Ravenous Sophovore

Who are these people who say Hocus Pocus when the true answer is The Nightmare before Christmas?