In addition to the new trailer shown during Big Hero 6's New York Comic Con trailer, we saw four new clips from the film, including spending an extended period of time with the rest of the team for the first time. And its clear that, as excellent as Baymax is, they didn't put all their eggs in his basket.

In footage we saw, we spent more time than ever before with the rest of team outside of Hiro and Baymax. And we really, really liked them. The first scene we saw actually had Hiro meeting Gogo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred for the first time. His brother Tadashi brings Hiro to his lab at his university in order to inspire Hiro to stop engaging in illegal robot fights and devote himself to science. We've already seen a heartbreaking trailer that foreshadows the loss of Tadashi, but this scene sets up their sibling chemistry very well. As when Tadashi puts duct tape on Hiro and rips it off so he can show off Baymax, and Baymax asks him to rate his pain. Hiro responds "Physical or emotional?" and Tadashi makes the classic sibling look of "Oh poor baby."

As for the rest of the team, we meet Gogo first, and her project is the maglev wheel for her motorbike. Hiro is impressed, Gogo say's it's not good enough and hurls the wheel across the room. She's clearly the no-nonsense one. Next up is Wasabi, who has a laser grid he uses to slice apples. And has a very anal retentive tool bench. He's the one into rules. The next is Honey Lemon, she's ... very happy and excitable. Basically every scientist role we've seen as excited and passionate comic relief. She makes a liquid that covers a giant metal ball in pink dust when she drips it onto the ball. Finally, Fred. Who "by day is the school mascot, and by night is also the mascot." He's a self-confessed "science enthusiast" who wants the Honey Lemon to make him into a fire-breathing monster (not science) , Wasabi to make him a shrink ray (not science), and an invisible sandwich.

He's also the source of all the nicknames. And I'll admit to laughing at "I SPILLED WASASBI ON MY SHIRT ONE TIME."


The next clip was an extended version of the Baymax falls onto his head on the stairs/"We jumped out a window"/"Hairy baby" bit we've seen before. It's still charming, and we see Hiro try to hide everything from his aunt, too. The third clip was Hiro outfitting Baymax with his first set of armor and downloading martial arts moves a la The Matrix. Baymax questions how either makes him a better health care robot, which is more than fair. Also, there's Baymax's adorable approximation of the fist bump sound.

The last scene we saw once again brought us the whole team, prior to their own transformations into heroes. Hiro insists that Baymax (in the teal and gray armor of the scene we saw and not the purple and red version that appears to be his final armor) can take the villain, Yokai. Of course, that leads to the comedy beat where Baymax is thrown into the air and lands on top of the team's van. The resulting chase scene has Wasabi racing from the villain and his wave of nanobots, but Wasabi still stops for red lights and signals his turns. Eventually, that drives Gogo crazy and she takes over, pulling stunt driver moves with the van. Needless to say, Fred is kind of thrilled there's a supervillain chasing them.

The nanobot wave used by the villain looks really cool and they're used really well. During the chase, Yokai doesnt run after them or have a vehicle of his own. He's an implacable figure, being carried by the nanobots that surge under him. He sends them after the van, surrounding them in a narrowing tunnel of nanobots. The van doesn't make it out before the nano-tunnel closes, so the van of would-be heroes bursts out the end.


A lot of Big Hero 6's marketing so far has rested on Hiro and Baymax, which is fair. They're the heart of the film and Hiro's the main character and Baymax is his sidekick. But the clips we saw made us fall in love with every single character in this movie. Even ones we barely saw, like Hiro's aunt and cat. This whole film look adorable and funny as hell and we're pretty stoked for it to actually open.