Airshows are always really awesome to visit, but what if you could walk up to your favorite science fiction spacecraft? That’s the aim of the Sci-Fi Air Show, a digital project that puts fictional spacecraft on display.

Sadly, these aren’t actually real-world props on display for one weekend a year: they’re miniatures mashed up with real-world imagery:

The images you see here on the site are photographs of practical miniature spaceships digitally blended with actual air show backgrounds. It is a fantasy air show that only exists on line, but appeals to many of us who, at one time, believed that these ships of fantasy really could fly.


Still, it’s a really cool project, and a neat way to think about some of the ships that you see out and about on your television screen. Somewhere, the Empire, Pan Am or the Colonial Fleet put on their own spaceshows for the general public.

Check out the website for more pictures and descriptions!

Image credit: SciFi Air Show