We Now Know the Backstory of Greg Grunberg's Star Wars Character

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In grand Star Wars tradition, Greg Grunberg’s X-Wing pilot has a rich background that can only be found in the tie-in materials. Minor spoilers ahead.


In The Force Awakens, Greg Grunberg—good friend of J.J. Abrams and constant presence in his works—shows up as a fairly prominent member of the Resistance’s Starfighter Corps. His name, according to his toy and the film’s credits, is Snap Wexley.

And like all great random Star Wars characters, Wexley’s backstory can be found in a tie-in novel, Chuck Wendig’s Star Wars: Aftermath. In the book, Norra Wexley leaves her role in the Rebel Alliance/New Republic shortly after the Battle of Endor to reconcile with her estranged son, Temmin Wexley. She goes back to Akiva, where she hears Wedge Antilles’ distress call., and they end up working together to disrupt an Imperial meeting on Akiva.


We also know from this material that Temmin lost his father to an Imperial arrest and his mother to her new job as a Rebel pilot. He ended up making a living running a parts shop, with a fair amount of mechanical skill. He was a teen just after Endor, and sometime between then and The Force Awakens, he acquired a nickname and a job as an X-Wing pilot—one who has the job of doing the recon flight of Starkiller base.

The Snap Wexley toy implied that Temmin (or a relative) would appear in the movie, but the official website now confirms that they are the same character. In the old days, books would pick out a character from the movies and give them a background. Now it’s being done in advance.

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And here I was sure his name was going to be Porkins Jr. :-P