We Must Have These Adventure Time Plush Dress-Up Dolls

Lorena Rodríguez doesn't just make adorable plush dolls out of the ladies on Adventure Time; she also gives them perfect little wardrobes. Seriously, where can we buy these?

Rodríguez does sell some of her other plush toys, like her zombie bear, her Ursus Geekus wall trophies, and her tree golem in her Etsy shop, but you can enjoy the photos of her Little Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, and Lumpy Space Princess on her Behance page. Head over there to see more detailed views of all of the ladies' accessories and the photo scenes Rodríguez has set up for each of them. Now PB just needs a little lab coat and perhaps Little Marcy could use a precursor to her favorite axe.


Lorena Rodríguez on Behance [via zambiunicorn]

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