We Might Be Hearing About the New Iron Fist Sooner Than We Expected

Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Stephen Amell is heading to Legends of Tomorrow, with a twist. Hulk’s journey in Thor: Ragnarok will have consequences for Avengers: Infinity War. American Horror Story’s next season could turn to the internet for inspiration. Plus, a new trailer for 12 Monkeys, and new pictures from Agent Carter. Behold, Spoilers!

Star Wars Episode IX

Not surprising as both The Force Awakens and Episode VIII were already confirmed as being shot on film, but Colin Trevorrow has confirmed that Episode IX will shoot on film, too. [Comicbook.com]


Batman v Superman

Jeremy Irons discusses Alfred and Bruce’s situation going into the movie, adding that the pair do not live in Wayne manor but a “sleek” lakeside residence:

As well as having been in loco parentis to Bruce, his only remit in life is to protect him. And, as those of us who have raised children, let alone Batmen, will know, that is quite a wide remit.

He’s a man who can actually do anything if he has to.


Henry Cavill says that the film will show the spark that sets off Superman and Lex Luthor’s long rivalry:

Clark knows who this Lex Luthor chap is, but he certainly wouldn’t assume that he had any bad intentions.

[Empire Magazine via CBR]

Thor: Ragnarok

Mark Ruffalo reveals that the film kicks off an arc for the Hulk that continues on into both parts of Avengers: Infinity War:

But we’ve worked a really interesting arc into Thor 3, Avengers 3 and 4 for Banner that I think will – when it’s all added up – will feel like a Hulk movie, a standalone movie.



Captain America: Civil War

Team Cap and Team Tony square off in some new concept art from the film. [Iron Studios]



Nick and Judy find themselves in big trouble in a new clip from the film.

Star Wars: Rogue One

Several costumes from the movie have been photographed on display at the Nuremberg Toy Fair—although they’re not exactly new, as they’re the outfits worn by Jiang Wen, Diego Luna, Felicity Jones, and Donnie Yen in the first promo picture for the movie.


High Rise

A batch of new stills have been released—there’s a few below, but head on over to the link to see an almost entirely naked Tom Hiddleston (you know you want to). [CBR]


Iron Fist

Dexter and Jessica Jones writer Scott Reynolds has confirmed he has joined the show as a writer—in the very modern manner of simply updating his Twitter account’s profile picture to one of himself gesticulating towards the character from a mural at Marvel’s offices.


Speaking to Collider, Mike Colter says that the role of Danny Rand (the alter-ego of Iron Fist) has already been cast:

The actor has been cast, but he’s in a basement somewhere. When the time is right, they’ll let him up and tell him where he is. I am [excited]. I’ll get a nice little break, after doing Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Whether I’m in [his show], I don’t know, but there’s The Defenders.


It makes sense if Iron Fist is heading into production for a release sometime in 2017, but if Rand has already been cast this early, could he be appearing in other Marvel Netflix shows before Iron Fist, just as Luke Cage did in Jessica Jones? Rand has very close ties to Cage in the comics, so it’s a possibility that he appears as his civilian persona in Luke Cage.


David Ramsey tells Comicbook.com that Amanda Waller’s death will have big consequences for Diggle and his wife Lyla:

Both of those elements played into why he felt so strongly that his wife shouldn’t be involved with A.R.G.U.S. Both the inherent danger, and what he felt about Amanda. Now that Amanda’s gone, there’s a choice that Lyla makes or has to make about her involvement with A.R.G.U.S. We do see a future where she’s involved, and by virtue of her involvement, her husband is involved. So yeah, there’s trouble on the horizon with that. Because it does get more involved.


Meanwhile the actor revealed to IGN that Diggle’s combat helmet will be getting an upgrade courtesy of STAR Labs in the near future:

Central City will be working on an upgrade to Diggle’s helmet. That is yet to come, and we will be seeing some of that come out of Central City. As the first iteration came out of Central City, we will see an upgrade also come out. But in terms of Central City’s help with technology to help us combat the magic, that has yet to be seen.


Legends of Tomorrow

Franz Drameh discusses what sets the Jax Jackson version of Firestorm apart from the original Ronnie Raymond version from The Flash:

So this version of Firestorm is more like comic book Ronnie Raymond. He’s a jock, basically. He doesn’t come from a scientific background, which is another one of the reasons why him and Stein are kind of at loggerheads a lot of the time. Where Stein wants to take this smarter option and Jax is more like rough and ready and like, let’s just go all out and do it. So yeah, this version is very different from Robbie Amell’s portrayal of Ronnie. He’s a mechanic. He’s a jock. He doesn’t come from any form of scientific background whereas Ronnie did.



Stephen Amell will be heading to Legends of Tomorrow in its sixth episode, but with a twist: He’ll be playing the Green Arrow of 2046, not the Oliver Queen that Arrow fans are familiar with. Marc Guggenheim elucidates on the reveal to Entertainment Weekly:

We’re not only introducing our version of Connor Hawke to our universe, we’re going to meet the 2046 version of Oliver Queen, and Stephen Amell is going to be reprising his role from Arrow. As an added bonus to comic-book fans, Oliver is missing his left arm and will be sporting a goatee, in a nod to the character’s appearance in the seminal Dark Knight Returns. We think this episode features some of the coolest things we’ve ever done.


American Horror Story

Us Weekly are reporting that the sixth season of the show will revolve around the mystery of the Slender Man, a blank-faced, suited creature that hunts children originally created as an internet meme in 2009. The report also quotes an insider claiming that the show’s producers are desperate to see Lady Gaga return to the franchise after the popularity of her performance in Hotel.


Agent Carter

A gallery of images from “The Atomic Job” has been released—head to the link to see more. [Coming Soon]


12 Monkeys

Time travel hijinks abound in a new teaser for the show’s second season.


A few images from “The Whopper” has been released—click the link to see more. [Spoiler TV]


The X-Files

And a here’s a gallery of images from “Home Again”. Head on over to the link to see more. [Spoiler TV]


The Walking Dead

Finally, there’s a brief smattering of new footage in this international promo for the show’s return.

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Image: Jessica Jones.


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