We Met Apprentice Wizard Jay Baruchel

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Magical dealings are afoot on location in New York City, for the retelling of Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice. And lucky us - we bumped into the modern-day mouse himself, Jay Baruchel, while filming.


New York City has been taken over by sorcery, and io9 just happened to be there while all the mystical madness was going down. Upon hearing that Jerry Bruckheimer's rebooted live-action Sorcerer's Apprentice was filming, I scuttled all the way to the Brooklyn subway station, in hopes of glimpsing some magic in the making.

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Just missing Bruckheimer - is that your muffin, Jerry? - I wandered around the set, hoping to catch a wave of Nicolas Cage's wand. (Cage plays the role of modern-day wizard.) And then I practically ran smack-dab into his young apprentice, Jay Baruchel, taking a break from the witchcraft. I approached the indie film star and told him I loved Fanboys.

"Oh, you saw it?" he smiled and I laughed, trying to suppress my dire need to tell him I'd never seen anyone look better in a Stormtrooper uniform. We chatted about The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and Baruchel confirmed that he'd be playing the apprentice in the new movie, set in modern day New York (all around it actually from the NYU campus as well as in Brooklyn).

It sounded like he was excited as I was to see it all come together. "I'm used to doing like, million dollar movies filmed in Vancouver, so this is really big for me, working with Nic Cage and everything. And the budget being, like, 100 times larger." Indeed, we noticed the muffins.

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Sadly, my time with the modern day mouse was short, as he escorted back to the subway set. From between the subway bars, I watched Baruchel take on the role of the haphazard would-be wizard, running about on the platform and looking confused. All the extras were also donning modern streetwear, so no Dumbledorian robes and caps for this cast. But eventually the crew moved farther down away from eyesight but we'll keep a keen watch for more street magic from this crew.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice is set to come out on July, 16 2010.

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So, is this a science fiction and fantasy site now? Because the last time I checked, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" dealt with magic and fantasy, not science.

That's like putting a live-action show on "Cartoon Network" and still calling it "Cartoon Network".

Oh, wait: [io9.com]