Does Jonathan Nolan's sudden agency jump mean Steven Speilbergs hard science fiction feature Wormhole will finally be made? The internet would certainly like you to believe that, and here's why.

Vulture is taking the news of Jonathan Nolan's move to William Morris Endeavor from UTA, as a much bigger sign of things to come. No, he's not being sought after just for his ties to brother Christopher Nolan, the site is suggesting that the reason William Morris was so keen to grab this writer is because of his work on Steven Spielberg's script for the film Interstellar.


Which you may remember is a journey though a wormhole, with a script treatment by Caltech physics professor Kip S. Thorne, who has insisted that the science in this film will actually be sound. Basically, a group of space travelers enter a wormhole, and exit in another dimension. Jonathan Nolan wrote this script based on Spielberg's idea. But we haven't heard anything else about this film for quite some time.

So Nolan's move could very well mean that Spielberg might be ready to start making this film — in the far future of course, as Tin Tin still isn't completed. Wild speculation? You bet. But possible? Sure, why not? It sounds like a rare example of a science fiction film that respects science, so we're happy to hear any buzz about this film actually coming to pass.