Well, that was fast. If you were irriated by the aggravating non-reveal served by The Walking Dead this past Sunday—like most of the planet—good news! A careful analysis of the audio of the death scene may reveal exactly who died. Spoilers! Maybe!

So here’s the deal: someone (the YouTube vid was posted by Federico Trione, but it appears to be a rip from this Tumblr) took the audio track from the episode’s final scene, i.e. the first-person view of someone being beaten to death. You can make out a lot more than in the original televised version:

I could be convinced either way the the high-pitched screams were or were not Maggie screaming Glenn’s name, but that’s very clearly a woozy Glenn trying to say “Maggie” there at the beginning. I think this audio track pretty specifically points to Glenn as the victim of Negan’s bat.


So here’s where it gets annoying: Can we trust this audio? Isn’t it possible that TWD edited it together solely to trick hardcore fans into assuming Glenn is the victim, only to give us a new victim in the season 7 premiere? Sure, it sounds like an incredible trollish move, but they had no problem trolling us with the cliffhanger last Sunday. Besides, if it is Glenn, then it’s still hellaciously trollish, seeing as showrunner Scott M. Gimple swore that the TV series would take a “hard left turn” from this scene in the comics, in which Negan killed Glenn in the exact same scenario in the exact same way.

If Glenn dies, this clearly isn’t a hard left turn. It’s putting on your left-side turn signal, and then going straight anyway. Not only is it annoying, it’s a damn good way to get into a wreck. You hear me, TWD?