We Love This Mashup of Star Wars Star Bill Burr Trashing Star Wars on a Star Wars Show

Mayfeld is just pissed.
Mayfeld is just pissed.
Photo: Lucasfilm

Bill Burr may play Mayfeld on The Mandalorian, but in the past, he hasn’t had the nicest things to say about Star Wars. To be fair, Burr doesn’t have the nicest things to say about lots of things—that’s kind of his trademark, considering his main career gig as an acerbically funny comedian. So the line between what he really feels and what he’s joking about is never quiet clear.

That line that gets blurred with hilarious effect in this new video by YouTube’s Morden Wex. Here, we see footage from the most recent episode of The Mandalorian, “The Believer,” featuring Mayfeld talking to Mando and his crew. It’s edited to include audio, we believe, from an old episode of Burr’s weekly podcast. It’s wonderful.

Of course, whether Burr was being serious or not when he said this is of no consequence. This is a guy known for his direct, sometimes brutal comedy, and when he gets rolling, he just keeps going. Either way though, that ability to portray distain and indifference is exactly why Burr is so good on The Mandalorian. He’s a character disgusted by the galaxy, played by an actor disgusted by the galaxy.


Season two of The Mandalorian concludes tonight, probably without Mayfeld.

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Season two of The Mandalorian concludes tonight, probably without Mayfeld....

What? It’s Thursday right now.

Bill Burr rules.