We Love the Final Trailer for Kong: Skull Island So Much, We Want to Marry It

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I have zero doubts that this final trailer for Kong: Skull Island, released less than two weeks before the film’s release, is filled with spoilers. But I really don’t care. It is simply one of the most insane, monster-filled, action-packed trailers we’ve seen in a long time and we love it.


Kong: Skull Island opens March 10 and you’re going to start seeing reviews this week. Whatever those reviews end up saying, though, at least we’ll always have this bat-shit, over-the-top, glorious trailer. Check it out.

The director of Kong, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, tweeted after that this trailer is the result of his obsession with the trailer for Park Chan-wook’s The Handmaiden. He wanted a more rhythmic trailer, and so there’s this, set to “We’ve Got to Get Out of This Place” by the Animals, which is both an awesome song, but also pretty appropriate for the humans who make the mistake to visit Skull Island.


We’ll have more on Kong later this week. It opens next Friday.

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The most appealing thing about this movie is that it looks like they are having fun with the idea but not to the point of spoofing it. The apparently lighter tone following Godzilla is appropriate- Godzilla took the right approach by starting off the franchise seriously which gives some room for the franchise to loosed up a little.

John C. Reilly’s shaggy beard and explanation of why he calls a particular fauna “skull crawlers” along with Brie Larsens and Tom H’s reaction have my interest piqued. Really, it was Reilly’s performance over anything that Kong or his Skull island cohabitants did in previous trailers that is the big draw for me with his “you’re all going to die” line.