We just saw the first mighty teaser for the Warcraft movie!

Illustration for article titled We just saw the first mighty teaser for the emWarcraft/em movie!

Holy crap, there was a big surprise at the Legendary/Warner Bros. panel just now. We saw the-first ever teaser for the World of Warcraft movie, in which a mighty armored warrior goes head-to-head with a huge green orc.


The footage showcased an alien-looking landscape full of rocky outcroppings, where a sweaty unshaven figure in armor is drinking water from a leather pouch. There's a cage with rocks in it, a squeaking noise, green lightning in the sky. The man tosses the water pouch on the ground, and draws his sword with a loud ringing sound. He takes a shield from an armored skeleton, and bangs his sword against it.

And then you see the massive arm of a... creature... heading towards him. We glimpse the green skin and some of the armor, and then finally we get an extreme closeup of the orc as it raises its axe and brings it down onto the man's head.


And director Duncan Jones came out and told the crowd that he always wanted to make movies where "you delve into fantasy" — and this project is a dream come true, because he gets to create a whole world. And he announced that he starts filming in early 2014.

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James Whitbrook

alien-looking landscape full of rocky outcroppings

Hmmm... Alien says Draenor/Outland to me, but Orcs vs. Humans could just as easily be Durotar. I wonder if it will ape from the earlier RTS stories (the Orc/Human conflict could just as easily be the original Warcraft), or if it will pick up on the recent flaring up of conflict between Garrosh's Horde and the Alliance/Darkspear Rebellion from WoW itself.

Still, I'm excited for this! I'm a big Warcraft fan, I hope Duncan Jones does something awesome with that universe.