We just saw the best Jeffster performance yet, at the Chuck panel!

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Chuck came back to Comic-Con in a big way — with a specially shot comedy skit in which the cast tries to cope with the huge curveball the show threw at the end of the previous season.


Watch it below. But be warned — there are huge spoilers ahead!

We saw an absolutely hilarious "sizzle reel" which turned out to be a skit where Joshua Gomez tries to prove that he can be the Intersect, complete with a Rocky-style "training montage" where Ryan McPartlin trains Morgan while JeffSter plays "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor. And here it is! (Watch below or click the link):

And the Chuck panel was full of spoilers for the show's final season. Including:

  • Morgan with the Intersect will be way different than Chuck with the Intersect. Said Joshua Grimes, "Unlike Chuck where he thought things through, and cared about the welfare of other human beings, Morgan just wants to hurt people." And producer Chris Fedak joked that by the third episode, Morgan will have "frosted his tips." People shouted for Gomez to do his "flash face," and he did a sort of "psychotic gopher waking up" thing.
  • There could be spin-offs. Maybe. There were a lot of jokes about the idea of a spinoff about Casey and Morgan working together, Odd Couple-style. And Fedak hinted the show will end in a somewhat open-ended way. Plus there could be a Jeffster world tour.
  • Casey will have a romance. Adam Baldwin read off the talking points he'd been given for the panel, which said something about Casey finding love — but is it true love?
  • Chuck will still be the main character. Now that he doesn't have the Intersect, Chuck will have to be twice as resourceful. "This is back to basics for Chuck," says Fedak, "The way he gets around problems is he thinks it through. What happens when you take away Superman's cape? What happens then?"
  • The villain in the first episode will be played by Mark Hamill. He's best known for playing the Joker in the Batman cartoons, but Fedak referenced a different role the actor had played. "I got to talk to Luke Skywalker on the phone," he gloated. And he said other villains would include the CIA: "The team will be running afoul of the people they used to work for." The show is still very much a spy show. And General Beckman will be back somehow.
  • There will be a fracture in the Jeffster relationship. The two friends will go to war. "This is the season where it all falls apart between Jeff and Lester," said Fedak. "We're going to see a big war between these two men." But we'll definitely see at least one more big musical number before the year ends. And Scott Krinsky and Vik Sahay joked about how they might get together and make baby Jeffsters — with women, of course. And now that Chuck owns the Buy-More, if his spy company doesn't make money, he'll put more pressure on the store to be profitable.

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