We Just Had A Pretty Major First For The Green Lantern Corps

And it's not a death, resurrection, or a zombie. Also, I think many of you are going to find it somewhat annoying, if that helps narrow it down at all. Spoilers for Green Lantern Corps #36, which just came out yesterday.

It seems like nowadays the members of the Green Lantern Corps, the Sinestro Corps, the Indigo Tribe, and all the other light spectrum warriors trade rings and colors like some people do t-shirts. Now John Stewart has just become the first male Star Sapphire in the history of the DC universe.


I never thought of John Stewart as someone who had great love in his heart — you know, since the Star Sapphires' powers run on love, just like the Green Lanterns' rings use will. Huh. And I couldn't help but notice that his new ring has bestowed upon him the most modest outfit ever worn by a Star Sapphire. Normally S.S.s rock bare midriffs, thigh-high boots over bare legs, or at least a great deal of cleavage. For instance, here's a bunch of traditional Star Sapphire outfits (that's Hal Jordan's longtime gal pal Carol Ferris' in the center):

Hmm. I wonder what makes John Stewart so different that he's completely clothed from the neck down? I guess we'll never know. Still, it's always nice when a man can succeed in a female-dominated job market like this, isn't it?

[Via IGN]


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