As Futurama winds down, we take this episode to look back at all the good times it's given us. And we do it with Bender's ass as a motivation.

If there's one problem with this episode, it's that the climax comes too early. Leela and Fry are making a delivery of weapons on a gang planet. They sabotage the guns, and both the gangs on the planet massacre themselves with their own sabotaged weapons. There are not too many places an episode can go after a giant gang slaughter, so instead of one place, this episode goes everyplace.


Bender's body gets stolen and taken to a chop shop. (Seeing Rosie and Iron Giant parts hanging in the background of the shop made me unaccountably sad.) The Planet Express crew get a list of Bender's buyers, and embark on a journey through Futurama history. From the robot fraternity at Mars University to hanging out on the Feldspar Queen with the Borax Kid, it's filled with shout-outs to past Futurama episodes. My personal favorite is The Beast with Two Bucks $1.99 Sex Shoppe. I will never get tired of that name.

At last, the crew has to go to a fog and asteroid-ridden section of the galaxy to retrieve Bender's shiny metal ass from a wrecked ship, and both Bender and his ass have to make some hard choices. I liked several of the lines in this episode. I loved Bender's explanation that the thieves didn't take his mouth and eyes along with the rest of his body because, "I guess they didn't like all my screaming and winking." I also loved his spitting, incoherent rage when Fry ingenuously says, "I never even knew you had an ass." But the best part of this episode is the show getting sentimental about Bender's monumental selfishness. Too many shows (and episodes) try to make noble qualities their emotional focus. In drama, that works, but in comedy it's best to make us feel affection for the worst parts of human (or robot) nature.

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