We Have Some Winners For Our Caption This Photo Contest!

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You blew us away and nearly terminated our ability to process comment overload with the over 400 comments on our Terminator caption contest, underscoring the fact that io9 readers rule no matter what the current timeline is. We had a lot of great entires, including several dozen that had John and Cameron interfacing intimately, if you know what we mean. We decided to award two honorable mentions because we couldn't narrow it down to one winner. The runners-up will get some prizes too. Find out who won after the jump, and look for more contests from io9 soon!

The two honorable mentions both show a little Joss Whedon love, and we'll be tossing them a bit 'o swag for their efforts.


Honorable Mention #1 goes to cabridges with this entry:

"I'm programmed to protect you, I cannot be stopped by conventional weapons, and nothing can keep me from your side. But if Joss calls I'm outta here so fast your future children will get windburn."

Honorable Mention #2 Kylegonjinn had a slightly longer entry, which also pimps out the Firefly connection:


John: Sooo... you already finished all your homework assignments, right?
Cameron: And all the ones that we'll be given for the rest of the semester. I don't sleep.
John: I might be able to help with that.
Cameron: Really? How?
John: Have you seen this movie called Serenity?
Cameron: ...nooooo.
John: Eta kooram nah shmech!
Cameron: ... (THUD)
John: Mom was right - those Russian classes would pay off one day! (takes Cameron's homework, erases her name, and signs his own)

And the First Placewinner, proving that brevity is sometimes the best policy, goes to Miranda Kali. Her entry made us laugh, and we've been quoting it all day:


"Come with me if you want to pass trigonometry."

Congratulations, winners! Everyone else, you made it extremely difficult to choose winners, so be loud and proud. Special shout-outs to people who noticed the strange bald guy holding the boom mic in the background. If you are a winner, contact me at kevin@io9.com with your shipping information and your Terminator schwag will be on its way to you. Thanks for playing!


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Ed Grabianowski

For some reason my caption never showed up. It clearly would have won: it contained a Flowbee reference.

Ok, actually the trig one is pretty hilarious. :-)