Ignore the title; My Fair Clone has nothing to do with a test-tube Eliza Doolittle learning to act like aristocracy, but that doesn't stop it sounding just like our goofy SF romantic dream project.

It was only last week that I was bemoaning the lack of SF love stories, and now, like a press release from our of the blue, comes My Fair Clone, a new novel by Wil Watson that promises much:

My Fair Clone seeks to blur the boundaries between romance, drama, intrigue and science fiction amidst the real subject of stem cell research. Watson reveals that the inspiration for the novel stems from trips to mysterious medical clinics in Mexico, where procedures were performed that are unauthorized in the United States. Organ transplants? Gay marriages? The press release doesn't elaborate, disappointingly - Seriously, there's human cloning happening in Mexico, according to this inference? Shouldn't this be a bigger deal? - but it does offer the following plot summary of the novel:

Millionaire Joe is finished with gold digging wives and their lawyers and hoping to find a fair lady he can control for a change- a beautiful female clone. But Joe's clone connection is not without consequences and danger as he competes for his trophy wife with a drug lord who first purchased the clone when just a lab baby.

There are so many things wrong with this that it feels as if it may have slipped around the back and ended up as right again. "Hoping to find a fair lady he can control for a change?" That's not enough of a consequence in and of itself, of course, so you get drug lords thrown in for good measure. Seriously, if Dollhouse was suddenly as entertaining as this book sounds, Fox wouldn't be able to keep up with the ratings boost.

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