Thanks to our intrepid, geektastic pals at Trek Movie, we have a winner in our fake Star Trek footage contest. Remember, this got started with this piece of fake footage, allegedly from JJ Abram's upcoming Star Trek reboot. So we turned to you for more fake footage, because we just can't get enough of it. Without further ado, here is our winner: Daniel Broadway, whose footage you see above. What's great about this short clip is that it looks like the pre-CGI animatics that Abrams is fond of using, and it also solves the mystery of where the heck they built the saucer portion of the ship (in space!). Plus, Broadway actually based this on the new model of the Enterprise being used in Abrams' flick. Check out a few of our honorable mentions below.


Runners-up worth mentioning include Rick Kelvington and Spockboy's superlative reenactment of the footage that originally led to this contest. You can see the full clip and more from the dynamic duo here.

And my personal favorite is this footage, by Poroto Parker, of a nacelle plummeting out of the sky to the ground. The sound is great, and the nacelle looks like a cool model rather than bad CGI. Plus, it's kind of an homage to the way many of us feel about the next Trek movie: it may be less like a movie, and more like a chunk of spaceship engine smashing to Earth and catching fire. I could watch this over and over, and in fact I have.

There are lots of other weird, fun, and downright pointless entries in the contest, and you can see most of them here, though one notable entry, dealing with Shatner's secret cameo in Abram's new film is here:

Thanks to Anthony Pascale of Trek Movie for being our co-judge. We did have to fight for it, but luckily we made up over Romulan Ale jello shots. The winner gets a box of cool Trek swag, courtesy of Pascale, but not until after he recovers from the shots.