We Finally Realize Where We've Seen Fringe Before

Was the last scene of this week's Fringe what I think it was? If so, then it explains why Fox's new freaky science show has seemed so familiar all along - it's not that it's an X-Files of the 21st Century, but a live-action Venture Bros. that takes itself seriously. Explanations and Fringe spoilers await, so consider yourself warned.


If the flash scene (pictured) at the end of the second episode of JJ Abrams' new drama really did suggest that Joshua Jackson's Peter is some kind of clone (coming, as it did, after a scene where mad scientist Walter hinted at an unusual medical history for the character), then I'm completely calling Venture-related shenanigans. This means that both Venture Bros and Fringe are shows about, in their own ways, the failures of both science and the family dynamic, featuring strained father-and-son relationships (even if Jonas Venture isn't around any longer) and characters trying to live up to the achievements of the past, cloned children and blonde bodyguards who may be the most sensible people in the series. Throw in Mark Valley as some kind of undead Monarch, and I think we've got something here. You may mock now, but when the Fringe team start going looking for "the pattern" and find g-g-g-ghost pirates you'll know where JJ and friends are really looking for inspiration.

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