We Finally Have a Trailer for Bruce Timm's The Killing Joke Movie

The definitive Batman voice actors have returned for an animated adaptation of one of the most famous stories in comics history, and everything about it looks fantastic.

We’ve already learned that there will be some places where The Killing Joke strays away from the source material: namely that there will be a new prologue, and that Barbara Gordon will be getting a slightly more respectful treatment. Still, many of the scenes in this trailer are ripped straight from Brian Bolland’s pages, and will—if the original comic is any indicator—be among Mark Hamill’s most terrifying performances as Gotham’s clown prince.

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The Killing Joke will premier this year at San Diego Comic-Con, but a release date still has yet to be announced.

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It’s good to hear Conroy’s Batman and Hamill’s Joker again.

I’m a bit disappointed that the art really pales in comparison to the original in the book. Not actually bad, but just serviceable.