At least where Grandma Margaret and the Langstons are concerned. Of course, the show can't let us learn anything without immediately throwing it into question.


In terms of actual plot movement, not a ton happened this week. Marty got custody of his Returned sister and Dr. Maggie's finished the disease cure, so I guess those two plots are largely wrapped up.


The Langstons are still dealing with Margaret taking Jacob and trying to re-dead them both. Margaret tells Jacob that, as far as she's concerned, the Returned are a curse laid upon the Langstons as a punishment. She says that her father, the foreman in the Langston factory, helped his grandfather do horrible things. We see Mr. Langston stop her father from letting the men burning to death out from where they are trapped, so that the factory is safe.

He also helps murder the Returned — who were the fire victims — over and over again to protect the Langston secrets. And, she tells Jacob, in return Mr. Langston married Margaret so that she could have a better life. That was not what Margaret wanted, since we see her hiding and crying in her wedding dress.

When Fred, Marty, and Henry show up to save Jacob, he gets angry saying that he wants to stay with his Grandmother. Fred takes Margaret to the government facility, since she no longer has a family willing to take her in. She tells him that she never felt like a Langston and hated being one. She also tells him how she made Barbara disappear. She says that she saw her father talking the first (?) set of Returned when he killed them for the fourth time. He talked to them before, told them not to come back, to let go, and then they stopped Returning. For Barbara, she did the same: encouraged her to blank her mind and let go of everything in her mind. Fred offers to let her stay in his cabin, since he "never felt like a Langston either." But she asks to be with her own kind.


Now, that would all seem to be answers about what happened and how it all works, but we also meet Preacher James. He starts the episode being hit by lightning and gets/already has a tree pattern on his body. He first shows up saying he needs to "save the boy," which feels like it has to do with Jacob. Not so — he shows up when Marty and his sister Jenny are having dinner, and Jenny runs to hug him. Paster James, it turns out, died trying to save Baby Marty from the flood that killed him decades ago.

When Marty goes to the site where Pastor James was hit by lightning, he a flock of birds (maybe bugs?) swarm upwards in the same tree-shape that Pastor James had. He tells Marty that Arcadia is sick and that they will heal it.

So, after season one being all about the water, we now have the tree symbol? And what's going on with Pastor Tom and his magic baby? Is he staying dead? Did anyone ever figure out what Janine was up to?

Just when I though we had some answers and Resurrection might start wrapping things up, they throw another plot on the fire. Thanks but no thanks.