We finally get a look at Smaug's whole body—on the side of an airplane

This is a bit of an odd debut for Smaug's full body, but the whole dragon enchilada finally makes an appearance in the form of a wrap on an Air New Zealand plane.


It's not an ideal way to see the fearsome dragon's complete body for the first time (we've seen plenty of glimpses in the trailers), but it does give us a rough idea of the design we'll be seeing in the movies.


[via Comic Book Movie]

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Stink Horse

It seems to be a very traditional dragon design. Part of me is a little disappointed, what with the amazing design of the Wargs and the Ents and most of the fantastic creatures that exist in the movie renditions.

I'm probably being overly petulant about this and really just need to square my limitless expectations with what is arguably the archetypical western style dragon which shouldn't be messed with in any significant way.