We demand Stripper Shoes for Tinkerbell on Once Upon A Time

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Earlier today we revealed the first look at Once Upon A Time's live action take on Tinkerbell. And to our horror, she's being presented SANS MANDATORY LUCITE FAIRY STRIPPER HEELS. Therefore by the laws of Once Upon A Time, she's obviously not a real fairy.


The latest image shows Tink walking with young Queenie (before she was evil, maybe). Where is the hoop-skirt dress thing with blue entrails dangling off the sides? Where are the wings? Where is the big hair? More importantly where are the SHOES? While these two ladies are doing an amazing "haters gonna hate" strut, I'm not happy about the lack of fairy-ness.


Sidenote: Oh my God, it's going to be an absolute nightmare keeping track of the real world in real time Storybrooke, enchanted forest in real time, enchanted forest flashbacks, real world flashbacks, Neverland in real time and Neverland flashbacks.

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Alex Cranz

Can't you chronicle all flashbacks and points in the story by looking at Regina's hair? It gets bigger and bigger as she goes from innocent to insane to 80s-90s mayoral coif.

Same with Snow. Her hair gets bigger and bigger and then it disappears. You tell the present day for her by the size of her dopey hats.