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We Demand a Prequel to This Short Film About a Girl and Her Robot

“Gear” is a short film written and directed by Kevin Adams and Joe Ksander. It’s about a girl named Mazzy, who is hiding from the authorities, and her robot friend, Three. The short opens up so many questions we demand more.


The film tells a very tiny part of Mazzy and Three’s story—a part which feels like either the climax or the middle. The situation is exciting, but we have no idea how all of the characters met. I want answers. “Gear” feels wholly conceived, like Adams and Ksander have answers but didn’t have the time or budget to tell us the whole thing. Someone give them whatever they want, cause I’d love to see it all.


[h/t Rob Munday]

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“This is so serious, i gotta put TWO hoods on.”

Seriously though, I liked it. Hit that sweet spot for me of SF + scrappy homeless kids, but I’m reminded of the Tarantino quote “the audience doesn’t need to know, they just need to know that *I* know.” I’m just personally not getting that sense of “they know” from this. If that makes sense.