We Could Listen to Cate Blanchett Narrate Voyage of Time: Life's Journey Forever

Image: IMAX
Image: IMAX
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Terrence Malick has a documentary that is, of course, about the entire history and future of humankind. And, equally obviously, there’s a 40-minute version for IMAX narrated by Brad Pitt as well as a regular film version narrated by Cate Blanchett. No offense to Pitt, but we’d take the Blanchett version any day.

Here’s the trailer for the Blanchett version (you can compare it to the Pitt version here):

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The US seems to have a thing with replacing the voices of foreign English-speaking narrators. Do the companies think that people won’t understand anything that isn’t said in an American accent?

When they even replace David Attenborough on BBC nature shows, then there is something strange going on. Even Obama is a fan of Attenborough. So I assume that he is known in the US.