We Could Have A Wicked Movie By 2016!

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A Wicked movie by 2016? That is both the most exciting and terrifying news all at once. On the plus side, this is a fabulous musical ripe for the screen, but on the downside it's also terrifying to imagine anyone else playing the two leads besides Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel.


In an interview with Film Divider, Marc Platt, producer for Into the Woods and future maker of the Wicked movie, revealed that he has high hopes for the planned 2016 release date for Wicked. Granted, none of that is set in stone.

Stephen Daldry is attached to adapt the play from stage to film, but it sounds like they're not budging until it's all perfect. Good. Platt explained:

"[the] bar is very high for the creators of Wicked. Our show is still so strong everywhere, and we just set a record in both London and Edinburgh last week, and in Los Angeles, and we did on Broadway. Audiences enjoy that show so much that we are intending to move forward on the movie but aren't going to do so until we're satisfied in the material we have as a screenplay, and that the film will be every bit as satisfying as what we have on the stage."


Now we turn to you commenters, who can play the two lead witches?

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Poet Desmond

I'm not going to make friends with this, but maybe we could base it on the book, which came first, and is better. There's more than sufficient content in Maguire's novel that time won't have to be wasted with musical numbers.