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We Can't Wait to See R-Rated Animated Film The Adventures of Drunky

Illustration for article titled We Cant Wait to See R-Rated Animated Film iThe Adventures of Drunky/i

The Adventures of Drunky is an in-the-works R-rated animated film from Brooklyn-based Augenblick Studios (Adult Swim’s Superjail!, MTV2's Wonder Showzen). Its three main characters: a boozehound (Sam Rockwell), God (Jeffrey Tambor), and Satan (Steve Coogan). Yep, it sounds awesome already.


Deadline, which notes that the hand-drawn Adventures of Drunky is the latest in a growing trend of indie animation aimed at adult audiences, has more on the plot:

As the storyline goes, Drunky, with his life destroyed, must travel through Heaven and Hell to rescue the girl he loves (Nina Arianda) and save the world. Assisting Drunky on his quest are an alley cat (Tyler The Creator) and a demon (Dave Attell).


The site also notes the rest of the voice cast includes Abby Elliot, John Leguizamo, Jon Glaser, Jay Pharoah, Noel Wells, James Adomian, Larry Murphy, Rachel Butera, and Randy Pearlstein, and that director Aaron Augenblick promises his film will be “surreal and funny as hell.” We’ll raise a glass to that!

Image: Sam Rockwell at the Toronto International Film Festival, Sept. 19, 2015. (Photo by Arthur Mola/Invision/AP)

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The problem with ‘adult animation’ is that it all tends to be ‘teenage fratboy animation’ like “Heavy Metal”, “Hell and Back”, “Cool World”, etc. There’s no thought put into making it intelligent, just full of cartoon tits, dick jokes and as much obscenity that can be crammed into the running time. There really is very little in existence that could accurately be called ‘adult animation’.