And they're adorable. This is it, right? This is how the robot apocalypse happens: With a vanguard of cheerleaders doing synchronized routines with color-changing pom poms. We'll be too distracted when the overlords follow.


The video is promotional work for Murata Manufacturing, designed to show off their new sensors. There's also an intended message of hope:

"Of course they cannot jump like true cheerleaders," said Koichi Yoshikawa, a Murata engineer involved developing the technology.

"But the idea is that they are doing their best to stay stable on their little ball, as if they were telling the team, 'hang on, do your best'!"

I don't know, I still get, "Hang on, the robo-pocalypse is coming" from them.

While the final product is pretty sweet, the behind-the-scenes video is terrifying. Mostly because of what the robots look like without their uniforms and heads on. And what they look like grinning at you in the dark.

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