We call SHENANIGANS on the Insidious 2 trailer

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If you saw the end for James Wan's jump scare spectacular, Insidious then you know [SPOILERS FOR INSIDIOUS], the Dad kind of "gets it" in the end. So you can imagine our confusion when the Insidious 2 trailer looks like business as usual for the Lambert family. SHENANIGANS! SHENANIGANS, SHENANIGANS, SHENANIGANS!

Why is Patrick Wilson acting all normal? Why isn't his son all "Holy shit, there is an old lady inside my Dad, GET IT OUT GET IT OUT GET IT OUT!!" The final scene had Father Lambert all possessed by some ghost lady from the further. This second film looks like just more further exploration, which means Wan's really going to get his money's worth out of that smoke machine he bought. On the other hand, it could just be the way this trailer is cut. This new international trailer could just be edited to keep all spoiler-y type things out, but we don't know.


Insidious 2 is out on September 13th.

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