We ask Ron Moore what happened to Starbuck at the end of BSG

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At the Caprica roundtables, we finally got to sit next to Ronald D. Moore. And we couldn't resist asking him: What was the deal with Starbuck at the end of Battlestar Galactica? Here's what he said.

She is what you want to think of her. It was left deliberately nebulous and vague. And I think she was a representative of an entity that didn't like to be called God, but everybody else talked about it in godlike terms. If you want to call her an angel, you could say that. She went through a resurrection story that was very Christlike. And you know, what are the implications of that? I felt, as I went into the finale, that the more I defined exactly what she was, the less interesting she became. And so I just made a choice to go out on a more ambiguous note, and to let people argue about it perpetually.

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I don't understand the constant hatred of any spirituality in art that is speculative in any way. Faith has informed some of the greatest works of art in history. No one's asking you to believe; just accept that other people do.

It's not lazy, it's that some people do actually believe there's more to life than what's on this earth to be seen and touched and understood.

Besides, faith in science is just another kind of religion anyway. Scientific fact is usually simply theory, and just the theory that most people put faith in. There are few things in this world that can be unequivocally proven.

And just to head this off at the pass, I don't really believe in big-G-God or angels. I'm a Buddhist.