The second installment in the Silent Hill franchise is opening this weekend, and we have Kit Harington — also known as the Jon Snow — talking about murder, video games, slutty nurses with knives, and why we always suspect the boyfriend.


Do you play video games?

Kit Harington: I do. I wouldn't say I'm a huge gamer. But yeah I do, I enjoy them. I don't get heavily into them. I'll pick one game that I like and I'll get attached to that. It's always a different few games for a few years.


Do you have any favorite video games that were turned into movies?

Kit Harington: Was Doom turned into a movie? Loved Doom, Loved Doom.

Did you have any good experiences with the nurses?

Kit Harington: It's strange, the nurses, aren't they? They're kind of like a teenage boy's dream. They're a strange crazy dream. And they were pretty horrific when they put on those masks, the girls that were playing [the nurses]. It was very disturbing. It gave me very strange dreams for a while. That was kind of the freakiest few days of filming.

I'm always wary of the the boyfriend in a horror movie. Your character, Vincent — is he on the up and up?

Kit Harington: I can't say a lot about Vincent. He differs from the video game Vincent in one, a couple of quite significant ways. Which we're hoping is going to work with the fans of the video game. But I can't say about him because it's very spoilery and it will ruin things. What I can say is that I enjoyed playing him and he's an understandable character in this world. In a strange little way.


Why is it always the love interest that we question the most, not so much the villain?

Kit Harington: Because it's a horror film and you've gotta look at the usual suspects. It's been written in so many different horror films. Is it gonna happen again? I think it's something exciting to play with, the ones closest to you are the ones that will deceive. I think that's why people are always drawn to it.

We asked him a whole mess of Game of Thrones questions earlier, which you can watch over here. Until then, here's a little clip of Kit playing with the chesty nurses.


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