We Are Tracking Your Every Movement, But In a Fun Way

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Want to find out when your gadgets will start following you around, and how easy it will be for you to do "reality mining" to find your friends by tracking their cell signals on Google maps? Then head out to Burlingame, CA today and tomorrow for O'Reilly's annual Where 2.0 conference. I've been to this conference several years in a row, and it's always packed with weird futuristic technologies for tracking locations and creating awesome maps. Basically, it's about turning the real world into something you can access online in real time. Conference organizer Brady Forrest says, "I think that you can find a scifi angle in almost every segment of the conference."


During the conference, Brady says two companies will be testing out their reality mining fu: Path Intelligence will be tracking people in sponsor sessions with their phones, and BlueBall will be tracking people with bluetooth. (OK how cool is it that there's something called BlueBall?) There will also be sessions on crowd simulation, virtual worlds, Eye-Fi (gadgets that know where you are), Earthscape's augmented reality display (with helicopter demo!), plus cool new world-mapping announcements from Google, Microsoft, Earthmine and Everyscape.

Can't make it down today? Stop by the Where Fair tonight. Lots of demos and friendly fun.


Where 2.0 [conference schedule]

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