We Are All Robocop, Says Remake Director

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Darren Aronofsky may be denying that his Robocop remake exists, but he's also admitting that it's inspired in part by getting an MRI and realizing that everyone is Robocop. Signs of genius? We think so.

Talking to reporters recently, Aronofsky said that the planned remake of Paul Verhoven's 1989 classic was still in such early stages that it almost wasn't worth talking about:

We have a long way to go... [U]ntil there's a screenplay, there's nothing to really talk about. Until we're going, it just doesn't exist for me. It's just like we're trying to get something good, and we'll see what happens.


When it does get going, however, the director of such movies as Pi and The Fountain plans for the movie to investigate the way in which we're all already cyborgs:

Before you get an MRI, they give you a list of like 38 different things, how you can have metal in your body... From a shutter in your eyelid to a pacemaker, screws and all this stuff you can have in your system. I realized, 'Wow, we are cyborgs.' I mean, everything's not inside us, but the way we're connected to the technology and everything is right there.

Does this mean that we can expect the newest version of Murphy to have to stay away from microwaves? Only time will tell.

The Robocop remake is tentatively scheduled for 2010.

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Noah Porter

Am I the only one who didn't think Robocop was that great in retrospect? It's classic Action Bodycount cinema that was typical of the 80's and early 90's and fine when I was 10 or 11 years old but I couldn't sit through watching it now.